Hello! My name’s Hattie and I started my little stationery shop as a legacy of love to my dear mum who died 2 years ago.

Growing up, my mum would never miss a birthday, holiday or milestone moment, and she would always mark those occasions with a specially selected card. She would post those cards days in advance, and with it she would send an abundance of love and care that would never fail to make that person’s day. 

I want to continue that legacy of love by designing and creating cards especially for you. 

Hattie's Mum

When I send a card…

💚 I want my words to sing from the page and to make you smile!

💚 I want to remind you I am thinking of you.

💚 I want to send you love and give you joy.

Sending and receiving cards has always been my family’s way to show love, pride, gratitude and so much more. Emails and texts are great for the everyday, but they can’t transport love and feeling across the globe in the same way. 

While you’re holding the card I wrote and reading my message, we are smiling, remembering and loving together. When my card is on the mantelpiece, I am reminding you how wonderful you are and how proud I am of you. And when you find that letter in the bottom of a memory box, it all comes back again – a beautiful flurry of fun, love and joy.

This is why I make cards; I make them for you, and for everyone you love.

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