Always look for the good


As everyone always says, I never thought this would happen to our family. But, the odds of cancer affecting a family are pretty rubbish aren’t they? The problem is, you don’t know what to expect or what cancer will look like until you are confronted with it.

Even though she was really poorly, mum was adamant that we must always find the time to enjoy the small things and giggle together. She would always say: “just take things one day at a time!”, “always look for the good!”, and “put on your positive pants!”.

I’m not going to lie – that was pretty difficult in the circumstances. But, we tried. Every day we did everything we could to stay in the moment and enjoy the time we had together. Every morning, we would perch on a stool at the end of mum’s palatial double bed with crisply ironed sheets and she would tell us about what she’d heard on the radio, and we would recount what we had had for dinner the night before. Mum would want to hear every detail of the plans for our day, and would earnestly ask after my husband and friends. We would laugh about the silliest of things and whilst recounting stories, and we would quote TV shows we had watched together over the years.

I treasure the memory of every morning spent with mum during that time – it was the purest joy, in the most desperate time of my life. Mum was the joy – she was, and is, a shining light who continues to remind me to look for the good everyday.

Sometimes it’s hard to be positive and find the special moments everyday. But my goodness it’s worth it! Even when you can’t see the light, it is there – I promise you. We might just have to hunt it down. And if we can’t see it? Let’s have another look!

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