In sickness, and in health

My husband’s love and care has been a shining light these past few years. 

My husband, Matthew, is a loving, loyal and unfaltering partner. He has been there through the good times and the bad, without hesitation and without question. There to hold my hand and find my biscuits, there to tuck me into bed when I just wanted to crawl away from the world, and there to drive us home at 5am when we thought the worst was coming (it wasn’t, mum was just being dramatic). 

Matthew is humble and full of love – a classic Hufflepuff amirite?! From the moment we got together, he did everything to fit seamlessly into my life. He committed wholeheartedly to me and the most special people in my life – which, in my opinion, was the greatest gift he could have given me.

After a few short weeks of dating, Matthew met mum in a cafe in Paddington Station. He was so nervous to make a good impression, and was desperately trying to work out he should say while we were waiting for mum’s train to arrive. As the train approached, any small talk trailed off and he started to tap his fingers nervously. But then, there she was! Mum flung open her arms and hugged Matthew as if she’d known him all her life. I saw him visibly relax, and smile for the first time in hours. Mum was an expert at making people feel at ease, and this was no exception. We sat and talked and drank tea, and I knew then that he was part of the family. 

But, what did mum think? I asked her as soon as Matthew was out of earshot. She turned and looked at me knowingly, eyebrows raised and said: “He’s lovely, Hat. he’s perfect for you. And, the thing is, he’s a MAN, not a boy”. There was no greater praise (apparently)…

Matthew and I decided to get married when mum’s cancer returned and mum was SO happy. I think it gave her a lot of peace knowing I would have someone to look after me when she was gone. Especially someone like Matthew (“he cleans his windows, Hat!”). She didn’t make it to our wedding in September 2021 and we missed her dearly – but she was there in love and spirit.

And now, I get to spend the rest of my life with my Matthew. He is kind, caring and my best friend. But, most importantly, he is a MAN, not a boy. 

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