My best Buddy saved my life

I am sure that adopting our dog, Buddy, saved my life.

During a call with my therapist shortly after mum died, we discussed that I felt lost. Lost without mum, of course, but also lost without having that person to look after, to love on. We discussed that I needed an outlet for my love – and, preferably, that outlet would be a healthier alternative to my new Pringle and chocolate digestive addiction. I realised I just needed to find a purpose every day to put one foot in front of the other – to try and rebuild my life which had been completely shattered by grief. 

I had spent a lot of my adult life looking out for mum – she was my number 1, and always came first (and my poor husband, Matthew, knew it!). I was her on-call iPhone advice centre, and her personal Ticketmaster for trains, cinemas and anything in between! I renewed her railcard, and ordered whatever she needed online, whilst assuring her that PayPal was not a “scam”. I got her cup of tea wherever we went and, sometimes, I let her share my crisps. Of course, this was all a drop in the ocean against her lifelong service to our family. But, I loved it, and I loved showing her how much I loved her. 

The problem is, when she died, I could only look inwards. I could only focus on me and what I needed. But, what I needed was mum – so, now what? What’s the point? It was SO draining to live like that, and I needed something to change, quickly.

We brought Buddy home in October 2021, a few months after mum died. He was a tiny ball of fluff with a poker straight tail, and he was only about 10 weeks old. He had big Disney eyes, and I fell totally in love with him (even if he did have a poop and 3 wees in the first hour of stepping through the front door). 

Buddy was my first dog and the puppy days were fraught with googling, puppy pads and Matthew’s puppy training drills (he had an app…). But, from the moment he joined our little family, I had a purpose again. I needed to get out of bed because Buddy needed a wee! Buddy needed his breakfast so I couldn’t go back to sleep. No, I can’t just watch TV all day – Buddy needs to go to the park! And, ever since, things have got better, and the world has seemed brighter.

It might sound dramatic to say Buddy “saved my life”, but he did. He gave me a purpose when I felt lost, he gave me joy when I could only see sadness, and he snuggles me whenever I feel sad. He really does make the world a better place to be. 

(Sorry, Matthew, I promise you’ll get a mention..sometime..)

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